Food Bloggers Against Hunger

My kids are always hungry.

Eleven-year-old Ben is going through a growth spurt that has him going back for thirds and fourths of dinner; 7-year-old Eli lies in bed moaning, “I am too-too hungry to sleep,” before dropping off to sleep in the middle of his complaint. It’s funny because they are not ever truly hungry, because at the merest twinge from their stomachs, they can go to the kitchen and help themselves to whatever they need.

Unnecessary Olive Crackers


The holidays had us going non-stop in the happiest way. First, a cross-country flight to spend Christmas week with my family; then, we flew back home (where our cousins were already staying in our house) and had one day to visit with the cousins and cook for our annual New Year’s Day party. After the last of our fifty-plus guests left — carrying goody bags of cookies and candy — we packed for a 2-night stay in Lake Tahoe with three other families. The night after we got back, we hosted old friends for dinner. More