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Chocolate Cream Eggs for (the day after) Easter


Perhaps if I were a more professional food blogger, I would have tried this recipe a couple weeks ago, and then posted it last week in time for you all to decide to make it, too.

But I am not at all a professional food blogger, just someone — I expect rather like you — who sees appealing photos and links to recipes and thinks, “I could make that, too.” And so I did. With the kids. The kids declared them as delicious as the store bought kind, then noticed my expression and announced that ours are in fact better. Good kids.

It’s The Bombe


A couple years ago, my sister gave me Jenni’s Splendid Ice Creams cookbook and the boys and I have been happily exploring its recipes. But it wasn’t until recently that Ben took a close look at the back of the book and discovered the accompaniments section, where we found the recipe for “Bombe Shell,” a fabulous and easy chocolate sauce that hardens on contact with ice cream.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I offer this recipe in the spirit of the season, and hope someone coats something with chocolate for you.



Mom’s Brown and Serve Wheat Germ Rolls

by Caroline

Every Thanksgiving, I think, “Maybe I’ll make a different kind of roll this year. Maybe sweet potato. Or even Parker House. I don’t need so many dozens of rolls.” And every year, I dig up the recipe for my mom’s wheat germ rolls and every year, I am glad that I do. We have no trouble polishing off the whole batch before Thanksgiving weekend ends, one of the boys always helps me stir and knead and shape, and this year, Eli gratified us all by inhaling deeply over the bread basket as we gathered for our feast and sighing, “Oh, these rolls just smell like Thanksgiving.”

I can't imagine where he learned to treat dough like that

dough is fun

this is my favorite kind of time in the kitchen

you'd think with 5-dozen rolls, I might get a picture before they're nearly gone