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Contributor Spotlight: Sarah Shey

Years ago, I lived in a 5th floor Manhattan walk-up. For two years, I shared the stairwells and some walls, the sounds of our music and the smells of our cooking, with about fifty people I never spoke to beyond a casual hello or a shrugging complaint about the landlord. It wasn’t an exceptionally unfriendly building, it was just how we needed to live in order to maintain some privacy in such close quarters. It was a building, not a neighborhood.

Contributor Spotlight: K.G. Schneider

You might know K.G. Schneider from her terrific blog, Free Range Librarian,  her smart, original, entertaining, and informative take on library sciences, writing, technology—and more.  Or you might have come across her writing in any one of these stand-out anthologies:  Best Creative Nonfiction, Best Nonrequired Reading, Powder: Women Writing in the Ranks, from Vietnam to Iraq. More