Cassoulet for Father’s Day

Lisa and I were smart (and lucky) (and smart) enough to marry guys who know their way around the kitchen (I’ve linked our names to a couple posts, but click on the Dad’s cooking tag to see just how much we write about them). And it’s not just these two. For Father’s Day, here’s a look at some of the contributors to Cassoulet who prove that dads know their way around the kitchen, garden, and grocery store, too. Nine of the anthology’s essays reflect on the ways our fathers – for good or ill — shape our food choices.

Memorial Day


In honor of all who served, and in memory of my late father-in-law, James Grant — sculptor, espresso maker, Campari drinker, and Naval officer during World War Two — a Campari Orange for Memorial Day.

Three parts freshly squeezed orange juice, one part Campari. Serve over ice.

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